How to Initiate a Project
ABOR Capital Projects
ABOR Capital Projects are those with a total cost of $5 million or greater for renovation or infrastructure projects, or $10 million or greater for new construction or information technology projects. According to ABOR Policy, every year the University is required to prepare a Capital Improvement Plan that includes a One-Year Plan and at least a Two- Year Forecast of proposed capital activity and a Capital Development Plan that identifies capital building projects that the University intends to initiate during the following fiscal year. Planning, Design & Construction initiates and orchestrates ABOR review at the appropriate milestones and manages the projects’ design and construction efforts. An ABOR Capital Project Proposal Form is available to describe and submit a proposed project.
Non-ABOR Projects
Non-ABOR Capital Projects are those with a total project budget of less than $5 million for renovations and infrastructure projects, and less than $10 million for new construction and information technology projects. University departments may initiate construction projects by providing project information to Planning, Design & Construction. This process allows departments to identify project needs for building renovation, remodel accessibility and other for further analysis and consideration. A Non-ABOR Project Proposal Form is available for submitting the proposed project.