Circulation & Transportation
Planning, Design and Construction is involved with planning for the campus transportation system. While we coordinate or lead many projects, the primary department behind UA's innovative transportation solutions is the department of Parking and Transportation Services. Below is a review of transportation topics PDC is involved with, along with links to several projects. If a project you're interested in is not linked, please contact our office for additional information.

Bicycle & Transportation Plan
The University of Arizona Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan aims to improve existing and future bicycle and pedestrian conditions for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. To achieve this goal, the plan looks to provide safe and attractive bikeway and walkway facilities and educate people on foot or bike to reduce the potential for conflicts. The University of Arizona Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan also intends on increasing the bicycle and pedestrian mode share to and from the University of Arizona. Currently, 40 percent of commuters that drive to campus live within five miles, presenting an opportunity to create a shift toward non-motorized transportation.


The modern streetcar project will extend from the health sciences district of the UA campus, west through campus to downtown Tucson, and terminate at the Rio Nuevo development west of the Santa Cruz river. The project is currently under design.

Streetcar Route

PDC participated in the planning for a Transit Center located on the UA mall. The center is a hub for Sun Tran buses serving the UA and provides riders with amenities such as seating, shade and restrooms. Where is it?

Campus Accessibility

Improving the physical accessibility of campus is an ongoing planning concern. Resources to address this topic are provided by the Disability Resource Center (DRC).

Transportation Projects Sponsored by other Agencies
Transportation and Circulation Planning Studies

UA Transportation Needs Assessment: This assessment provides strategies for mitigating congestion around and within the UA campus. The study is being finalized as of Spring 2008.

Comprehensive Campus Plan Transportation Report brings forward elements from the 1996 UA Circulation Study into the framework of the 2003 Comprehensive Campus Plan.

The 1996 UA Circulation Study (link to old study): was the first comprehensive plan for the UA's transporation system. The project incorporated concerns of surrounding jurisdictions and neighborhoods as well as on-campus needs for parking, bicycle and pedestrian circulation, among other things. While some elements of this plan have been superseded by more recent plans or policies, many of the concepts and proposals are still valid.


Second Street as it exists today is in many ways configured as a residential street (which it was originally) rather than an urban university street with the associated dimensions and amenities suitable for the intensity and modes of transporation currently using it. In order to bring the street into a configuration more compatible with not only its current context but to reflect its anticipated condition once the Modern Streetcar is constructed on Second Street (from Park Ave. to Cherry Ave.), PDC is initiating a design study which will propose a new cross section of the street incorporating urban streetscape elements such as appropriaite sidewalks, seating and lighting, transit stop amenities, street trees, accommodation of stormwater, etc. Where is it?

Tyndall Avenue, from University Boulevard to Sixth Street, has been proposed as a demonstration site for an urban multi-modal corridor redevelopment project. The project has advanced through several preliminary design and funding approval stages.

Sixth Street Urban Design: A planning study was conducted to generate guidelines for future redevelopment projects along Sixth Street, from Park Avenue to Campbell Avenue, as a pedestrian-friendly, multi-modal, urban streetscape. Following are several documents generated in the study