Land Use & District Master Planning
Overall guidance of the long-range development of campus is provided by plans that detail future land uses, facility locations, open spaces, and other features for campus. These plans may cover the entire campus, as in the case of the Comprehensive Campus Plan, or may cover smaller districts of campus. Please note that prior district plans which were superseded by the 2003 Comprehensive Campus Plan may be obtained from our Plan Archive, or as hard copy documents at our office.

Campus Agricultural Center (CAC) Master Plan
The CAC Master Plan is an update of the 1982 CAC plan and is intended to guide the development of the 185-acre Campus Agriculture Center, located on North Campbell Avenue near Roger Road, into the next century. The Plan maintains and develops the Center as a satellite location convenient to the main University campus, retains a strong research emphasis, revitalizes the teaching function, and is compatible with the City's Northside Area Plan.
Comprehensive Campus Planning Overview
The physical development of the UA campus is guided by an ongoing planning process which has at its core a Comprehensive Campus Plan, which is updated in approximately five-year intervals. The current plan was adopted by the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) in 2003 and updated in 2009.