PDC Groups
Office of the Assistant Vice President

Peter Dourlein, AIA, LEED AP
Assistant Vice President

(520) 621-9414

Administrative Support
Jill Cox
(520) 621-9414
PDC Office of the Assistant VP provides coordinated university and department leadership and guidance for campus planning, design and construction efforts. Our goal is to proactively meet and exceed the physical campus needs of the University’s mission; to provide buildings, spaces and facilities that are not only functional but lead and inspire; to actively and strategically collaborate and contribute to this world-class university and the enriching experiences it provides. Members of this office also provide reporting services for the Arizona Board of Regents, project information sharing with the community, and essential resources for the department and the Business Affairs division.
Jill Cox Executive Assistant, Asst Vice President's Office (520) 621-9414
Melissa Dryden Program Coordinator, Sr - Public Info/HR (520) 621-9251
Toni Garcia-Bullington Program Coordinator, Sr - ABOR Liaison (520) 626-4419
Office of the Director

Ralph Banks
Director, Engineering, Design & Construction

(520) 621-3326

Administrative Support
Molly Johnston
(520) 626-4410
PDC Office of the Director provides leadership for the engineering, design and construction groups. Our professionally licensed design and construction staff manage University of Arizona projects, leading teams of University stakeholders and departments, design consultants and contractors. We provide the expertise and technical support to ensure project requirements, quality of design and construction is in compliance with ABOR policies, University Design & Specification Standards and appropriate codes and standards. Our nationally certified inspectors review project documentation to ensure compliance with industry building, life safety codes and standards and University guidelines. Throughout project construction, we inspect to ensure quality of work, compliance with contract documentation and applicable codes. The Office is also responsible for administering the University’s Design Related Consulting and Support Services Selection and Job Order Contracting programs.
Steve Allvin Mechanical & Plumbing Inspector, Sr (520) 626-3088
May Carr Architect, Sr (520) 626-7410
Glenn Celenza Building Inspector, Sr (520) 626-7912
JD DeWitt Electrical Inspector, Sr (520) 626-5611
Sally Guzman Administrative Assistant (520) 626-1302
Debra Johnson Architect, Sr (520) 626-2420
Molly Johnston Administrative Associate (520) 626-4410
Charlie Lynn Staff Mechanical Engineer, Sr (520) 626-3833
Steve Marker Staff Electrical Engineer, Sr (520) 621-9252
PV Osiago Architect, Sr. (520) 626-1420
Mike Seal Building Inspector, Sr (520) 626-8562
Steve Smith Architect, Sr (520) 621-3704
Betty Thomsen-Dinius Program Coordinator - Contracts/Insurance (520) 621-9425
Bill Vos Architect, Sr (520) 621-7457
Planning & Public-Private Partnerships

Rodney Mackey
Associate Director, Planning & Public-Private Partnerships

(520) 626-7834

Administrative Support
Sue Allvin
(520) 621-7535
Our professionally licensed planning and landscape staff guide the overall campus physical development and stewardship at the University of Arizona including long-range, pre-project and open space planning, historic preservation, GIS and campus mapping. Utilizing a comprehensive perspective we consider how various planning efforts fit together to sustain the University’s near term and long term growth and development. We also help coordinate Public-Private Partnership (PPP) opportunities that provide the University alternative means of delivery of facilities or resources.
Sue Allvin Administrative Assistant (520) 621-7535
Ed Galda Campus Planner (520) 626-4417
Grant McCormick Campus Planner (520) 626-4416
Mark Novak Landscape Architect (520) 626-4414

Brian Dolan
Assistant Director - Construction

(520) 621-9116

Administrative Support
Michelle Wik
(520) 626-9113
The PDC Construction Group and its Facilities Project Managers provide professional project management for University of Arizona projects during the construction phase. We are responsible for maintaining overall project budget, project schedule and all other aspects of the construction phase. While ensuring that the project’s goals are met in accordance with ABOR Policies, University Guidelines, National Codes and Industry Standards, we facilitate and provide overall project leadership to the entire project team. As needed, we coordinate project work with Facilities Management, campus users and on-going campus programs and activities. In the final phases of project delivery, we orchestrate the occupancy and turnover of new and remodeled spaces and administrate the warranty phase of completed projects.
Lorna Gray Facilities Project Manager (520) 621-9372
Chris Kraft Facilities Project Manager (520) 621-7546
Dana Sylvester Facilities Project Manager (520) 626-8793
Michelle Wik Administrative Assistant (520) 626-9113
Chris Wilt Facilities Project Manager (520) 621-4272
Information Technology & Records

Drennen Brown
Assistant Director - Information Technology

drennen@email.arizona.edu (520) 621-7452

PDC Information Technology and Records Group leads Information Management at PDC. This includes creating and maintaining software applications and leveraging other modern technologies to fulfill the PDC mission. We serve a primary role in supporting and extending the UA Campus GIS (geographical information system.) We also maintain paper and electronic record documents related to our planning, design and construction efforts.
Carl Gajdorus Technical Expert (520) 621-5588
Randy Mathews IT Support Analyst, Principal (520) 626-1423
Business Services

Jodie Kwong
Assistant Director - Business Services

(520) 621-9137
PDC Business Services staff administer the department and project budgets. We oversee the financial business of the department including payroll, cost accounting, rate structures, budget analysis and forecasting and business audits.
Tovi, "T" Ballesteros Accountant, Associate (520) 626-3530
Samuel Doane Student Intern, Business Services
Bonnie Ramirez Accountant (520) 621-9149
Phoenix Biomedical Campus

Gary Bagnoche
Director - Phoenix Biomedical Campus

(602) 827-2234
PDC at the Phoenix Biomedical Campus provides leadership and oversight for the physical development of this Phoenix campus. We are responsible for successful coordination of the physical development of this campus with City of Phoenix and many other stakeholders. Our services include oversight and implementation of quality long range planning, and complete contract management for project design and construction project delivery.
Jennifer Andrews Project Manager, Special Facilities for PBC (602) 827-2246
Ceile Plonski Administrative Associate (602) 827-2165